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1Actually the trip to Alaska included also large part of Canada -North Western Territories, Yukon and British Colombia.

2The trip was a camping tour by AmeriCan Adventurers lasted 28 great days at the way to the Arctic Ocean, and we had 9 participants on board of a big van, from different countries. Here is the group including Hose (Spain), Catherine and Anna (Germany), Misami (Japan), Natasha (Australia)
and Al taken on the Dempster highway -Yes we did it! at the arctic circle. Our tour started Bellingham, a port about 20 miles north of Vancouver, where we boarded the Inside passage ferry to sail in The
Inside Passage up to Hanes.

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then we visited kluani where we went for another great hiking, and of course cooking dinner camping style.

We got rain in Teslin that’s me near our vehicle.
6 7 8 9At Kenai Fjord we had lots of Killing Whales (Orcas),


Humpback Whales

Sea Outers and many other species, until we arrived to the glacier at the Kenai Fjord.

Then we wisit Denali park – and took all the way down to the Vanishing Lake.

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Then we hit the road to Dawson City all

the way up the Dempster Highway (which is actually a dirt road) to Eagle Plains,

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17 18to Inuvik and to Tuktoyaktuk

on the banks of the Arctic Ocean. On the way back to Watson Lake we put our sign in the sing forest.

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22Other worth mentioning places I the Salmon Glacier Those are the Bears in Haider who come to feed on the salmons after they laid their eggs.
Twin falls. The peak of the trip was my flight over the mountains and glaciers at White Horse and Smithers. The photos taken at Hazelton mountains and the peak is called Seven Sisters.

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Then on the way back to Vancouver

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At the East coast I took some flights at Washington and drove to Niagara Falls with my nephew Golan.

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