Feb 2007 The sail from Cartagena, Colombia to fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Sail aboard the Sailing Vessel “My Dream” across the Caribbean’s.


The log

We set sail out of Cartagena, Colombia trying to reach Jamaica. After almost two days, we met a Northern storm that actually rolled us almost 90 degrees. That persuaded us to change course to Colon, Panama.

After a short rest we took off to Isla Moochers, Mexico. With a short visit to the lovely Island of Providentzia, Colombia, and to meet miss Amparo – our old favorite restaurant, for breakfast.

Then off we sailed to Havana, Cuba. Alas, again, we met on our way even more severe Northern, with gusts over 50 knots caught us at the North Shores of Cuba, forcing us to Heave to and turn around to get refuge at a remote bay. After staying there for a nights, we sailed to Hemmingway’s Marina, Le Havana, just in time at 02:00 AM, minutes before another Northern kicked in. Look at the pictures of the storm, raging at Le Havana’s Sea promenade. If this one would have caught us out of the port we would end on the rocks, without the whisky…and wouldn’t be able to make it in – with all the rocks and poor buoy signs and most lights not working at the Hemmingway’s Marina.

Then, just an uneventful sail to Fort Lauderdale, to sum up this chapter of sailing.

After some days of rest, we flew out to Israel.

So good to be back home in Jerusalem, Israel.