My personal quest at the camera forest –

Samsung NX 500 or Fuji GFX 50R.

Should I  stay or get?

Note:           This is my private experience and reflects my own very limited knowledge, personal bias to  image quality (IQ),  traits, aims, needs and fund allocations.

So my thoughts are right for me.

Sure if I need a camera for professional paid work I certainly  would not appear with my Samsung NX 500…

Fuji GFX 50R  or  a Sony  A7R IV would look much more appropriate and profession like. 

Bear in mind that my test was very short, sub standard terms, and lasted few minutes.

This is the story how I tested – or rather had a very brief encounter try, if any, at cameras as listed below.

Since my recent camera – Samsung NX 500   was aging, gracefully but after great service over 6 years I felt that me, and my paintings deserve the best camera, Whatever I can afford myself to get a top performer.

Sure it have to be also way better  to justify the tag price of any of the cameras I had in mind – way over the 400 $ that my Samsung NX 500 is valued  as used gear – It self bought at reduced price from 900$ to 500$ on liquidation sale.

That was just a short time before Samsung totally pulled abruptly from the camera manufacturing business all together – they were the first to realize that this industry is doomed. My assumption is they were weak on getting enough influencers in the industry.

Still that Samsung NX 500 is highly valued between every body who happen to know and work with inspite.

As Samsung NX 500, is a very capable piece on equipment,  even comparing to most recent professional cameras. Since it is reliable, friendly and easy to operate like a recent android smartphone, petit, and very light weight and still excellent in image quality (IQ) and loaded with features.

All these considerations lead me to the conclusion it have to be a  Mirror Less MF or at least a    ML FF camera. After reading a lot of camera reviews at the most known professional magazines and  like DP –,  and YouTube channels, I came up with a short wishful list. My quest was to find the camera that will justify the price via image quality, friendly handling and clear menu so I will have easy adopting to my new camera, easy to carry and move around on a hiking and touring day.

I have to point out that due to my location – Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is pretty much far far away from B&H, Adorama, or anything like. I Also done  buying from Ebay, Amason, or other internet shop.

B&H, Adorama, or anything like them have buying experience that are not custom here. I am limited here in testing cameras in the shop to get impression unless I intend to buy it –  Or if I am lucky to have it on display – very rare.

 At a big camera shop in town I could not try in the shop some recent cameras I had in mind to check ():

Nikon Z 5          at    $1,696.

Pentax K 1 ii    at    $3,296.

Canon R 6         at    $2,799.

(All prices quotes  are  from B&H site before rebates and are body plus the cheapest default kit lens offered.)

Alas, two were not in stock and one I could view just the box….

Sony  A 7R iv 

Luckily, at one shop I was able to compare my  Samsung NX 500 with Sony  A 7R iv  at  $5,696. that was on display.

Tried with friends and the verdict was: IQ –  Sony was better in low light, and naturally at some qualities, while not actually superior with the qualities I had in mind that I need.  Size and weight Sony much bigger and heavy.

Friendliness – Samsung looks to me easier to navigate.

Price  diff –     Let the figures speak.

At another shop site they post   a special offer – Demo Clearance I wanted to have a look at  — Fuji GFX 50R  at  3,500 $ in local currency as  B&H price was $5,498.   Took couple of shots.

As Friendliness – Here too Samsung looks to me easier to navigate.

Price  diff –     The figures speak even lauder.

Matches:            Samsung NX 500      VS         Fuji GFX 50R  at  $5,498.

Samsung NX 500                                                         All pictures below are cropped.

Fuji GFX 50R

Samsung NX 500

Note: the Samsung NX 500 take is from my studio – tripod and white balanced. While Fuji GFX 50R has been taken at the shop lighting is the shop lighting on auto mode hand held due to Constraints. brought here anyway to demonstrate the remarkable qualities of that Fuji GFX 50R and amazing sharpness.

Fuji GFX 50R


Samsung NX 500 VS  Sony  A7R IV  at  $5,696.

At the shop that displayed the Sony  A7R IV:

As mentioned above I could have limited time  to experiment – so cannot bring any comparison shots.

As in any way I think that this price range is way out for me.

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