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אזהרת מסע ציאנג מאי וצפון תאילנד Travel warnings – North Thailand Chiang Mai Transportation &Smog linked to jump in heart attacks –

אזהרת מסע ציאנג מאי וצפון תאילנד

Travel warnings –

North Thailand Chiang Mai Transportation &Smog linked to jump in heart attacks – Travel warnings –

Smoke haze blocks Chiang Mai flights 16 Mar 2015  Smoke haze, air pollution north Thailand, The thick, smoky haze…



Smog in Chiang Mai hits highest level for year


CHIANG MAI: — CHIANG MAI reported the worst smog this year yesterday morning with tiny particles at 253 micrograms per cubic metre at an air station near Yupparat Wittayalai School, while a City Hall station recorded 247 mg per cu/m.

The amount of tiny dust in the air was double the safety level of 120 mg per cu/m, and some 2,200 residents were reportedly seeking medical treatment for smog-triggered illnesses.

Nakhonping Hospital in Mae Rim district reported 589 patients with respiratory problems and allergic reactions.

However, the smog figures were still below 382.7 mg per cu/m, the highest ever measure, taken on March 14, 2007.

Chiang Mai health office exe-cutive Dr Surasing Wisaruthrat said the air pollution level was |dangerous to people in the pro-vince and nearby areas. He urged people – especially children, |elderly people and pregnant |women – not to stay outdoors |for a long time. But if they have |to go out they should wear a facemask, while those indoors should seal windows and doors and turn |on air conditioners to try to purify the air.

The visibility in general was about 200-500 metres, while Chiang Mai International Airport reported visibility under 300 metres, an informed source reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, Chiang Mai Office for Natural Resources and Environment director Jongkhai Worapongsathorn told a press conference yesterday the forest fire fighting operation from February 15 until March 8 had received 457 forest fire complaints and found 3,820 rai of damaged areas – most of which were in Mae Chaem, Chiang Dao, Mae Taeng, Om Koi and Hot districts.

Chiang Mai University (CMU)’s Faculty of Mass Communications dean Jiraporn Witiyasakphan told the media a seminar on smog solutions would be held on March 17 at the CMU Academic Service Centre.

— The Nation 2015-03-11

Thick smog blanketed Chiang Mai Monday morning, causing several flights to be delayed because of poor visibility.

The air quality measuring station in Chiang Mai found that the particulate matter in the air was 181 microgrammes per cubic metre, higher than the safe standard of 120 microgrammes. The Air Quality Index value was measure at 127, higher than the safe value of 100.

The Nation

CHIANG MAI: — A CHIANG Mai University heart specialist has raised concern over rising heart attack cases amid the recent surge in serious air pollution in the North.

http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/805480-chiang-mai-smog-linked-to-jump-in-heart-attacks/?utm_source=newsletter-20150304-0750&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsChiang Mai  Smog

Last week I traveled the roads of northern Thailand – Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mea Sai, Phu Chi Fa, Doi Phu Lang Ka

the Golden Triangle and more.
I came across many drivers from China, driving at a very high speed ,luxury cars, modern with special stickers prominent blue number plates.

Stay away!

Their driving wildly uninhibited and very dangerous !!!

Overtook me on Sharp curves and places where there is no visibility as well as from left and right!

Chiang Mai accidentChinese Tourist Detained Over Fatal Accident in Chiang Rai

CHIANG RAI – Police have detained a Chinese tourist in northern Thailand who allegedly crashed his car into two motorcycles and killed a 41-year-old woman.

The accident took place on Terng – Chiang Rai road in Doi Lan district of Chiang Rai at around 12.30 pm today. Witnesses said they saw a car with Chinese license plate approach at a high speed, hit one motorcycle on the side of the road, and then crash into another motorcycle before halting to a stop.


Read More: http://www.khaosoden…wsid=1427015408

The number of fatalities in road accidents in Thailand is at least 10 times the norm in Israel. However, I will note that most of those ki

IMGP1819 crwmf 27 4

lled in road accidents in Thailand are results of drunk driving. Avoid

driving at night and during the late morning weekend is highly recommended. Yes. Just as Israel ….

בשבוע שעבר נסעתי בדרכי צפון תאילנד – מציאנג מאי, ציאנג ראי,

מאה סאי,

 פו צי פה, משולש הזהב ועוד. על המסלולים והמלצותי לטיולים באזורים אלה -ציאנג מאי, ציאנג ראי, מאה סאי, פו צי פה, משולש הזהב ועוד – ראו פוסטים נפרדים באתר שלי.

בנהיגתי נתקלתי בנהגים רבים מסין, ברכבים מפוארים, חדי

שים עם סטיקרים מיוחדים ובולטים ולוחיות מספר כחולות. שימרו מרחק! נהיגתם פרועה חסרת מעצורים ומסוכנת ביותר!!! עקפו אותי במקומות ובסיבובים שבהם אין ראות וגם מימין ומשמאל!

בכלל בתאילנד מספר ההרוגים בתאונות הינו לפחות פי 10 מהמקובל בישראל, ואף זאת הגדרות הסטטיסטיות בתאילנד מביאות למספר חסר. אולם, אציין כי מרבית ההרוגים התאונות דרכים בתאילנד הינם מנהיגה בשכרות. הימנעות מנהיגה בשעות הלילה והבוקר

המאוחרות בימי סוף השבוע מומלצת ביותר. כן. ממש כמו בישראל….

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