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Landscape is taken from the Dutch word “landschap” which means a patch of ground. When it comes to painting, landscape artwork is a painting or drawing that portrays a scenic view. Landscape scenery embraces more than just scenes of mountains, rivers, forest and seascapes. The landscape scenery can be inspired by a real place or an imaginary scene as viewed from the contemporary landscape artists’ eye. It could also be as dreamy as beautiful landscape paintings. Another definition of landscape artwork is about an area of land or the genre of beautiful landscape paintings that depicts such an area of land.

Since landscapes as a subject don’t move, contemporary landscape artists find them an easy subject to work with. Contemporary landscape artists find that there is something magical about capturing landscape scenery on canvass. It is a challenge for contemporary landscape artists to recreate the same intense emotion in someone who views their mountain landscape painting or Chinese landscape painting. Even if creating beautiful landscape paintings looks complicated the truth is with the guidance of the right contemporary landscape artists you will actually find it not as difficult as you think it is.

Contemporary Landscape Artists

Great contemporary landscape artists are those who have strong imaginations that can transfer what they have in mind into landscape artwork. One of the secrets of being a good contemporary landscape artists is that you must never be afraid of innovating. You can take different landscape scenery and place them into beautiful landscape paintings. However, this principle does not apply for famous landscape scenery. Majority of beautiful landscape paintings is not about copying postcard like landscape scenery. It is not about capturing mountain landscape paintings that were depicted by popular contemporary landscape artists. It is about capturing the essence of the landscape scenery as seen from your eyes as an artists. This is about absorbing the beautiful surroundings and interpreting this as one of your beautiful landscape paintings.


As a rule of thumb, most artists do not paint the entire landscape but rather paint less detail in the background. Giving the focus to the foreground draws attention into the main focus and purpose of the painting. Thus, you can produce better and beautiful landscape paintings. It is not considered a crime for artists to use ready-mix greens. You are given an artist’s license to use available resources to your advantage however, this must not limit your choices when it comes to color. Why the focus on the color green? Because when it comes to recreating beautiful landscape paintings the green does change its color. This means the greens found in a Chinese landscape painting in the morning might not be the same shade of green when the evening comes. You will notice that what was once as bluish green in the morning on your mountain landscape paintings will look yellowish green when night comes.

Haim Lorberboim Landscape Artworks

Previously, Haim Lorberboim creates Chinese landscape painting naturally based on Asian theme. As a skilled painter, by looking at his Chinese landscape painting he can take you back to that nostalgic moment when you visited Asia. Through his Chinese landscape painting you will be able to take a glimpse on how the people in Asia lives. In other words, great artists like Haim Lorberboim can draw you into the world that he depicts through these paintings.

Among his landscape artwork you will notice mountain landscape paintings that depict the different seasons and the changes that takes place during specific time of the year. He considers the time of the day as well and not just the season itself. This can be seen through some of his mountain landscape paintings where the snow and bleak surroundings of winter covers the mountains. You can consider him a chameleon for being able to change the way he interprets his craft as seen through his landscape artwork. You will even wonder if you are looking at the same artists that produce these mountain landscape paintings.

Most of the key elements that you see in some of his mountain landscape paintings are still there. However, the way that he interprets another one of his mountain landscape paintings is different from that of the others that he has produce. This conveys his versatility and his ability to adapt as painter. This means you will always wonder what Haim Lorberboim will come up next time in terms of landscape artwork that is. His motivation is his art and his muse is the masterpieces that he has created. One can only wonder where he takes his inspiration from.

Beautiful Landscape Paintings

Not because you have painted a particular Chinese landscape painting this does not mean to say that these beautiful landscape paintings should only be created once. Look at such painting greats like Haim Lorberboim who paints the same landscape artwork however, this time in different lights. If you can see his Chinese landscape painting or Haim Lorberboim’s mountain landscape paintings, you will understand what is being referred to here.


The time of the day when you create your Chinese landscape painting can affect its lighting. For example the use of a tree’s shadow during when the sun is at its hottest at noon will place the shadow in the middle part of the painting. The light of the harsh sunlight at noon will be interpreted differently once the sunrise or sunsets. This is in terms of the artists’ perspective of course and other factors to consider. Suffice it to say that landscape artwork will be interpreted differently depending on the time of the day and the presence of light or lack of it.

Why are landscape paintings becoming popular now? This is because for centuries people are trying to bring even just a piece of the outdoors inside their homes. Have you notice how people would bring in pots of plants, pictures of far flung places and paintings just to create the illusion that they are somewhere else even if they are indoors? Paintings can be a source of inspiration until such time that we can go out of doors to be renewed and invigorated.

Chinese Landscape Painting

How do you create depth in your landscape artwork? If you are watching a landscape painting some of the great ones gives you that privilege of feeling like you are walking right into the scene. Great artists are capable to transport you to exotic Chinese gardens. As a viewer, you are lured into that world that the artist creates. Now, going back to the question of how to recreate that depth, it’s all about the use of the right techniques. Orchestrating the way you react to the painting means that the artists was able to convince you that there is something special about a specific scene.

Artist use layering and overlapping technique that shows the contrasts between two shades or paint texture. In this way, the objects are separated from each other, this is why you feel so nostalgic and romantic looking at the scene of the Chinese lady and Gentleman standing near a pagoda while the contrasting view of the lake is seen on the background. These lovers shown on the foreground while they eclipse the scene of the lake. This is one of the examples of how to recreate depth.


The use of S curve or winding path can take the viewer’s eyes further into where the S shape or path ends from where it begins before taking into account the surroundings that gives more depth into the landscape painting. Some artists uses a technique known as diagonals. This is when the rolling waves breaks into the shore. How about the technique that allows viewers to see the landscape from an aerial perspective. The artist recreates a scene where he takes the viewer into the optical effect that he produces by placing objects at certain position. The use of warm colors gives depth as well more than the use of cool colors.

Mountain Landscape Paintings

When you watch a finely executed piece of art don’t you feel like walking through the forest and climbing the peak of the mountain just by looking at a painting? By means of these paintings the artist can be reminded of a time well spent inhaling the fresh mountain air. A good painting is always an experiment. Artists trust and use their senses when they paint. You can see the difference between mediocre and extraordinary painting where the artist was able to use all of his senses when he painted his masterpiece.

If it is a slip shoddy work, this means the artists failed to use his powers of observation. He is also somebody who has the talent to budget the space on his canvass to fit the entire scene before him. Artists are like architects were they make plans where to place the focal point in this case the mountain. He needs to reduce the size of the other parts of the scene like the grass, trees and a lot more. This means where you place the mountain as an artist will create the illusion of bringing your viewer into your painting. Keep in mind that your painting will always be an artificial representation of a scene.

You can start off by working your project starting in something small like a miniature version the size of a poker card. You don’t need to go into details at this stage. The measure of thumb is as long as the mountain is clearly recognizable by anybody looking at the painting, this means you are doing a good job for this experiment. You can add a grid like sketch to guide you on where to place your highest peak. This will give your viewer a nice majestic view of the mountain.

Landscape Scenery

Just because you see an amazing landscape this does not mean that you are obliged to capture everything in it. After all, this is not about picture taking where you need to go to the smallest detail just to capture landscape scenery to produce your very first landscape artwork. As contemporary landscape artists are aware of, you just have to capture the strongest element and hopefully show this in your landscape artwork. Whether you are planning to make a Chinese landscape painting or produce your mountain landscape painting masterpiece the important thing is to be selective on what you will include in your landscape artwork.IMGP1831 ש   F_resize

The weather often plays an important element of the view. Landscapes did come a long way from what it was. For several decades when people use the word landscapes it was about vistas being described like poems. Eventually, it was a term use to described real views. In the past, the emphasis was once given to the human forms and plants that are part of the scenes. Keep in mind that the way that artists interpret a scene is what makes it unique. When you ask an artist about the must haves when painting landscapes one of this can be about how to achieve pictorial depth. The simplest way to explain this is when you look at the painting and it takes you for miles into the distance as if you have just walk into the picture.

An artist who can capture this has finally understand what landscapes is all about in terms of art work. He has mastered the types of perspective that he needs to add depth to his paintings. Linear perspective for instance is when you see things appear larger than the same object seen from a distance. This can be accomplish with the clever use of diagonal lines, horizontal lines and a specific vanishing point. Aerial perspective is where distant objects are less defined as oppose to nearby objects. Chromatic perspective is the distance that affects the way colors are at play in a painting. You can use what you have learn so far to create your very own masterpiece Don’t be hard on yourself if you cannot absorb all of this at the same time

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. . An artist has to start somewhere before he becomes a great artist like Haim Lorberboim.